This Server Privacy Policy:

This  server may automatically collect and store information in server logs. This may include details of how you used our service, such as your MAC address, IP,  Internet protocol address, viewer or browser type, language, the date and time of your request and referral URL as well as cookies that may uniquely identify your browser or viewer.


Migrating Coconuts Privacy Policy

Migrating Coconuts  stores some information you may choose to publish or not, such as your site URL, Name, Description, and Destination Guide Categories. These are published online in the Destination Guide if you enable Publicity in Settings.

The IP address of a visitor may be logged when you view a Search result.  These are stored for short periods for quality control use.  A web crawler will periodically collect prims, regions, and other data from your Opensimulator  DataSnapShot module.   Only items marked as "Show in Search" are collected.

Other data such as the Machine Unique Identifier in DNS Settings, the URL, and some others are logged for purposes of Dynamic DNS and counting the number of grids running.  Data not marked Public is used anonymously. Items include:

  • Grid URL
  • MachineID
  • Friendly Name
  • Opensim Version
  • Type ( Grid, region server, OSGrid region server, Metro region Server )